Cute White Dog

Here is one dog photo that I shot in a forest in Reinfeld. I had a small talk with the dog owner, we talked about the forest and the area, and at the end I asked him if I could take a picture of his dog. While it’s allowed to photograph pets of strangers, it’s sometimes better to ask anyway. Some people start a drama if you take pictures of their dogs, it doesn’t make sense, but that’s how it is in Germany. The owner of this cute white dog however was very friendly and happy that I wanted to … Continue reading Cute White Dog

Charlie The New Family Member

Here is something I didn’t write about yet as I was quite lazy in the past. As I mentioned previously. Billy went to the dog heaven, but my mother and her husband decided not to get a new dog right away, but then they noticed that it’s so different without a dog and decided to start searching for a new one anyway. They finally found one, he is already two years old and the previous owners didn’t have time anymore, they wanted to find a new family for their dog. My mother and her husband met them and while drinking … Continue reading Charlie The New Family Member