Charlie The Ewok

When I visited my mother, we decided to take some funny photos of Charlie. My mother did put him into dog clothes and I shot a few new photos of him with my phone, just for the fun. Do you still know the Ewoks from Star Wars? I think he is one of them.


6 thoughts on “Charlie The Ewok

  1. I can see the resemblance. Does Charlie like wearing the coat? My sister used to put coats on her little dogs in cold weather but some of them disliked wearing them even if they were shivering with cold.

    1. He looked as if he wouldn’t have a problem with it, but my mother said she won’t make him wear the coat unless she wants some funny photos. The former owners gave my mother all kind of stuff, like Charlies old dog toys and other things, including the coat. 🙂

  2. Haha, our son just started becoming a huge Star Wars fan. I need to keep up so I have a clue on all the name he speaks of! Ok, so Ewok…Gotcha 😉

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