Mashed Potatoes With Spinach And Fried Eggs

Mashed potatoes with spinach and fried eggs

I am pretty much sure I posted photos of this dish quite often on my blog, because it’s one of my favorite dishes. Mashed potatoes with spinach and fried eggs, that is a fairly simple dish, even an untalented cook like me can prepare it.

I know a lot of people who use a convenience product, a potato puree powder, you just boil water up, then you mix in the powder and milk. But you can also make it on your own if you have more time, it does even taste better.

To fry eggs, that is no rocket science either, I like to use pepper and salt on them. For the spinach I just use a frozen product, it will only be warmed up and I add a little milk, but it tastes very good. The frozen spinach is not bad, but you could also prepare it on your own.

Just in case I notice a massive amount of Google requests for this type of dish, I might publish a homemade recipe at some point, or maybe I will record a video of each step when grandma or anyone else does prepare it without convenience products.


7 thoughts on “Mashed Potatoes With Spinach And Fried Eggs

    1. I prefer homemade too, it does definitely taste better if you prepare everything without comfort products, but it’s not always possible. 🙂 Although, I wish I would use more time to cook, because homemade is also more healthy than convenience products.

      1. I do make everything from scratch, It is so much better and you know everything in it. Time, I understand that it is limited but you make time for other things, Make time to cook healthier and your body will thank you 🙂

      2. Thanks for the advice Kimberly. I do agree with you, when I visit grandma and eat there, she does prepare everything from scratch too, I feel much better after the dinner, compared to the instant food. I think I must motivate me to prepare everything from scratch 🙂

  1. Very filling meal. I’m not a fan of spinach myself but have used the frozen variety to make it for my husband. He sometimes uses the instant mashed potatoe when he cooks. It is good but the real thing is better, just a bit more work.
    I love fried eggs though I don’t have them often. I like them with bacon or sausages and baked beans.

    1. I know a lot of people who don’t like spinach, it’s not not everybody’s taste. As a kid I refused to eat spinach, but I started to like it later on.

      I agree, the best thing is to prepare everything on your own, it’s just more time consuming, I wish I would do this more often, but well, I am lazy… 😀

      Eggs with bacon is tasty too, the husband of my mother puts bacon on the eggs, it’s tasty. Never heard about baked beans with eggs, I should try this!

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