Forest Path

If you’re regular reader of my blog, you might have noticed that I like to take pictures of paths. I am not exactly sure why, but I do like some ways so much that I just take the picture. I think it’s also about the landscape on the left and on the right, or the weather conditions that can make a scene look interesting. The photo in this post was taken last December during a hike through a small forest in Reinfeld. Continue reading Forest Path

December Barbecue in the Garden

Yesterday we decided to have a barbecue in the garden. It is already quite cold outside but this didn’t stop us to go shopping and to drive to the garden. The husband of my mother came up with this idea and he convinced me and my mother. We bought some beer, different meat, potato salad and cole-slaw. We enjoyed the evening even if it was cold but we did warm our hands near the fire and we also have a small cottage with a heater in the garden, so that we could eat inside where it was warmer. I enjoyed … Continue reading December Barbecue in the Garden

Snow on the Fence

I took this Photo before Christmas. I liked how the Snow did stick on top of the Fence. But I am unhappy that the Photo is not completely straight. I did shoot with my Smartphone. I could fix it with Photoshop but it is just a minor Error. December was a funny Month in Lübeck if I think about the Weather. I said it was like three Seasons in one Month. The Weather simply couldn´t decide. We had everything between -10 Degree to +10 Degree. We had Snow and no Snow.. rainy Days like in Autumn. And also a few … Continue reading Snow on the Fence