If you ever wondered who is writing on this blog, I have good news for you. The secret is lifted, with a pencil. I am kidding. I still like a certain degree of anonymity. But recently I discovered that the photo app of my Huawei phone has some basic effects. I messed around with them and discovered one effect that was called “pencil” and I really liked it. It turns my selfies into pencil drawings as you can only see outlines but no textures. However, then I did import the photo into Lightroom to make further adjustments to my liking. … Continue reading Declassified

The Apple Tree Story

Today I want to tell you a short story from my childhood. I can get inspired by a lot of things. Today I got inspiration by a friend on the gaming platform Steam. She wrote me a chat message and apart from other things she chatted also about the meaning of different first names. She for example mentioned that there is a similar one as my name Dennis. It´s a Turkish name that is written Deniz. Dennis is the english variant of the greek name Dionys and Dionysius. But she told me that the Turkish name Deniz would mean “He … Continue reading The Apple Tree Story