Evening Jam in March with the Stratocaster – Part 1

I grabbed my Fender Classic Series ’50s Stratocaster yesterday in the evening and thought I record a video. While I played this particular guitar already quite a lot, I didn’t record many videos with that guitar. So, I thought I should do that for my YouTube channel. I recorded a longer video yesterday but I did cut it into parts because it was all improvised and I tried different things. I will upload the other parts soon. As always, I played via Ableton Live DAW with the AmpliTube amp simulation plugin, which I love. This time I fiddled around and created an amp preset with a delay effect and it was fun to play the guitar with this preset. Do you like the sound I came up with?

17 thoughts on “Evening Jam in March with the Stratocaster – Part 1

  1. Great Dennis — nice tone. That is a sweet strat my man. Need to get one! I found myself wanting to put the PUP selector to two (neck/middle) half way through, think that would have complemented the sound for the lead bits near the end. but that’s just me
    Drums dialled in nicely, instruments share the same space perfectly. And like you say the delay works great.
    Love these jams, I need get a drum beat and press record too!

    1. I believe I recorded one of the part of the video that I will upload soon, either with PUP selector one or two. I mostly either use position one, two and four on that Strat. I don’t like position three and five. I think I still need to learn to make use of the selectors while playing. I am still too focused on playing, especially when I improvise.

      I thought it would be best that the guitar and drums share the same reverb effects. I also dialed the drums more back this time as they usually took too much space in my previous records.

      I still can suggest you the free Sennheisers Drummic’a VST. Comes with quite a few midi drum patterns, I usually mix them up and create my own beats with it. Drummic’a doesn’t sound perfect out of the box but if you fiddle around with it, especially combined with your DAW’s effects, you can do some cool things with it. I used it in this video as well.

      I also recently found a guy who records real drum playing and shares it under Creative Commons license: https://www.organicdrumloops.com/
      I will make use of his sounds in the future. Sometimes he is also doing a “User Soup” where you can give him an example of a drum pattern (from a video or audio you found somewhere) via email if you are subscribed on his website and with luck, he is playing and recording a very similar style for you (he actually nails the suggestions). I got my suggestion into the user soup 3 and he called it Funky Dennis lol… it can be seen at this timestamp: https://youtu.be/qkXmoYk0NbU?t=736 I will definitely use that in the future. I can suggest this guy if you need drums!

      1. Awesome, nothing like live drums – even as midi patterns.
        I’ve got some pretty good canned drums including the Native INstruments Abbey Road drummer packs. They sound beautiful. And even the drummer in Logic sounds pretty damn good.
        And sharing the same reverb patch is definitely a good plan. especially when you’re plugging in direct and not mic‘ing an amp. Can’t go wrong really!

        1. I have NI Abbey Road on my radar for quite some time. Saw some examples on YouTube and liked it a lot. We live in great times when it’s about VST’s… so much cool stuff our there.

    1. According to the datasheet, it’s a soft V profile. I would describe it as flat and comfortable neck. Not too flat but definitely no chunkiness. I played some Strats in the store that have a real chunky neck but this one definitely hasn’t. My Telecaster with a modern C shape neck is a lot more chunky.

      Before I got this guitar used, I’ve been aware of the Fender Classic Series ’50s Stratocasters and didn’t like the surf green with the normal white pickguard at all. And then I found this used guitar in surf green with the white pearl pickguard and my opinion was instantly changed 😀 Funny how a pickguard can make that difference to me. With the pearl pickguard, I absolutely love the surf green.

      1. Ah a soft ‘V’ — that usually suits me. But I find the neck descriptions a little tough to work with sometimes. Some guitar maker descriptions don’t always agree. You’ve simply got to try them don’t you. Not usually a fan of the chunky style necks but there’s always exceptions.

        1. I do agree. These descriptions are not convincing, it’s better to grab the guitar and find out yourself. I got used to different necks now since all my guitars have quite different necks but I’ve seen guitars in stores with baseball bat necks that I wouldn’t like at all. I mean, maybe I would get used to them too if I would own one but the first impression is always “Nope!”, which means I am not sold on those. My Telecaster has a chunky neck but not baseball bat neck chunky.

        2. There’s a no caster on ebay that tempts me. Its a custom shop model. The guy says that the neck is not too chunky but from what i’ve read most nocaster reissues are like baseball bats. Hard to know!

        3. Definitely subjective. When I talked with guitar store clerks, I was always amazed by how different their impressions to necks are compared to mine. It’s definitely a personal thing.

        4. Which is why when shopping online you need to get a bargain so you can sell on without a loss if it’s not quite right. Ideally though you shop in person, hold it and play it..

        5. That’s what I did with my surf green Strat. I was in the same position as you but got the seller down to a nice price and thought “Yeah, let’s do it” but I liked the neck. Still, I find online (used) purchases risky… also for other reasons. It was the first time I bought a used guitar online that I couldn’t check and where I had to trust the owner… first time luck but there are always risks. But the used price is often a nice argument xD So, I still browse for used guitars. 😀

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