Evening Jam in March with the Stratocaster – Part 2

So, here is the next part of yesterday’s evening jam with my Fender Classic Series ’50s Stratocaster. It followed directly after what I played in the first part. While it still sounds similar as I was looking where it will go, it started to transform in the end. That’s what I like about messing around with the guitar. You never know what you come up with and in the end, it’s all practicing, discovering and learning. I listened to drums when I played but this time I decided not to at the drums to the actual video but you might hear a tiny bit of drums as the sound comes from my headphones.

By the way, currently, I experiment with having the room sound recorded by the camera in the video too because when you hear a little bit of the picking sound, it appears a bit more authentic. In the past, I didn’t do that and only added the directly recorded sound to the video. The improvised song I played will transform further in the next parts of the series. It’ll be a bit funky soon! Be prepared, three videos will follow until the series is finished.

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