Dog Nose Snapshot

Today I visited my mother and her dog Charlie came to me when I was on the balcony. I thought I take a snapshot with my 40mm lens. It was not easy because it was afternoon and cloudy. I am unhappy with the focus but I don’t want to delete the photo. I just call it a snapshot and experimenting (laugh). Maybe I can do it better on a brighter day. There are more photos of Charlie on my blog. Continue reading Dog Nose Snapshot

Beautiful Black Dog

Above you can see the dog of my cousin. I already uploaded several photos of her dog in the past but I still have some in my library. I pretty much liked the photo you can see above, and apart from cropping a few pixels there was minimal editing. I really like how the photo turned out. It was a bright August day but I took the photo in the shadow as you can see, and I think this worked pretty well. I wouldn’t go so far to say that I am an expert in photography, but over time you … Continue reading Beautiful Black Dog

This Photo Is $117 Worth And Here Is Why…

The photo above is not that great, because obviously I missed the dog. But the photo reminds me of a funny moment. When I hiked, there was this guy with a brown dog and he threw a stick into the water and his dog jumped into the water to bring it back. Meanwhile, I was standing on a footbridge and thought I could take a photo of the action. But before I took the shot, the owner of the dog yelled “You know that you owe me 100 Euro if you take the photo?”. While this guy seemed to make … Continue reading This Photo Is $117 Worth And Here Is Why…

Dog in Action

Here is a photo that I still had left over from last years shooting. It’s the dog of my cousin, and I must say her dog is very agile and playful. Great, because that allowed me to practice action photography. If you wonder about the person in the background, it’s the husband of my mother, equally agile as you can see (laugh). They played together. But the dog of my cousin is hard to stop. Continue reading Dog in Action