Dog Nose Snapshot

dog nose snapshot

Today I visited my mother and her dog Charlie came to me when I was on the balcony. I thought I take a snapshot with my 40mm lens. It was not easy because it was afternoon and cloudy. I am unhappy with the focus but I don’t want to delete the photo. I just call it a snapshot and experimenting (laugh). Maybe I can do it better on a brighter day. There are more photos of Charlie on my blog.

11 thoughts on “Dog Nose Snapshot

    1. Yes, that was the problem. 🙂 Quite difficult when it’s cloudy. But I even did shoot my photos wrong the other day when it was bright. I didn’t use manual mode for a while because often I cared more about shutter speed with other lenses and used shutter priority quite often. But I realized manual mode works a lot better with a macro lens, as same as manual focus. With macro photography it really makes sense, with bird photography I was fine using shutter priority most of the time.

      1. I think I would use shutter priority with a macro lens. I would send it to the slowest shutter speed possible but still fast enough to prevent blur from camera shake. The camera went down automatically set the smallest aperture for the lighting conditions.

        1. Somehow I do the same but in manual mode. I set shutter speed first… and then I control aperture depending on what I want to do. With some images you want shallow DoF (with abstract things, or if you want to focus on the middle), other times not. But I just got this lens, time will tell how my workflow will be in the future 😀

  1. I love Charlie, focused nose or not. And considering the subject, which is what looks to be an energetic dog, I’d say you did quite well. And as you say,it’s a learning experience.

    1. Yes 🙂 I need to get used to this new lens but I will. It’s a lot more about aperture with macro photography. So, now I have a reason to use manual mode more often… and well, checking the weather reports 😀

  2. This photo made me smile. My younger brother’s elementary school nickname (which he hated) was “dog nose”. When he was younger he was bitten on the nose by a leashed dog he had been jeering. It left a scar; hence he was “dog nose”. Kids can be cruel.

  3. Interesting. I was always curious about how people got their nicknames. But you’re right, the person getting the nickname isn’t always happy with it. Because kids are definitely brutal when choosing the name.

    I got once bitten by a rabbit when I was 8 years old lol. We had the cage in the garden and I left a rabbit out and it ran and hid under a plant. I was afraid it would run away. I wanted to grab the rabbit but it bit me. I got a scar from it that is barely still visible. Only family saw it, but I am sure if friends would have seen me hunting a rabbit, I would have gotten a nickname too. 😀

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