Leafhoppers on a Rhododendron? I think it´s a Rhododendron or?

I noticed these Leafhoppers on a Plant when I visited my Grandma and Grandpa in the Nature on their Campground in Salem Germany. I am not sure about the Plant. When I remember right, my Grandpa said it is a Rhododendron. What do you think? I am right? Is it a Rhododendron? EDIT: Big thanks goes to Alice… She gave me the Information that the Plant is definitely a Rhododendron. She also did correct me that the Insects are Leavehoppers as I thought they would be called Grasshoppers. Theirfor I was able to correct my Blogpost. I just did stand … Continue reading Leafhoppers on a Rhododendron? I think it´s a Rhododendron or?

Do you know Gartenzwerge? :)

Gartenzwerge means Garden Gnomes. They are pretty common here in Germany. Lots of People have Gartenzwerge in their Garden or on their Balcony and so. The Reason? Well.. it´s easy… they do take care if you are not there. They are scaring for Trespassers and Thieves! Ok you notice I am kidding now 🙂 Joke aside… But honestly I think they are rather funny then scaring. I am not sure why so much People place them in their Garden or on their Balcony. They are just common and popular here. But hey.. yea they look funny and I think that … Continue reading Do you know Gartenzwerge? 🙂

Two attempts to photograph a Blowball

I did try to capture this Blowball here with my digital camera. I had to search the translation from german to english for the Name of the flower. I found some entries. Do you call the flower a Blowball or rather Dandelion Seed Head in english? I think the blurring in the background is a little bit to hard but I couldn´t get another result with my cheap digital camera. What do you think? You can also find more photos of flowers here on my blog: – A Photo of a Hoverfly sitting on a yellow Flower – This yellow … Continue reading Two attempts to photograph a Blowball

This yellow Flower is very pretty

To continue with my Flower Photography Series, here is one new Photo of a beautiful Flower of my Mothers Balcony. I think this Photo is ok for a Beginner. You find all other Flowers of the Photo Series here: – The orange beautiful Flower – Some new Flower Photos, a Spider and the new Digital Camera – This Flower isn´t dangerous – A Flower which could play Music or not – Deep Inside the Flowerbed – A pretty yellow Flower and the Bugs – A pink Flower for Birthday Continue reading This yellow Flower is very pretty