Autumn Barbecue

It’s fall and already quite cold here in Northern Germany. Anyway, we got the idea to make barbecue in our garden. It’s very nice if it’s cold but if you can warm up near the fire. Sadly I didn’t take photos of the food. We made buns and ate them with sausages and mustard. But I showed sausage buns already a couple of times on my blog, I guess. A fast search brought this article up for example. It’s true, we eat sausage very often and it is tasty! Continue reading Autumn Barbecue

We used the Barbecue Grill again…

My mother and her husband invited me on Wednesday again for a barbecue. At the end of april we had our first barbecue of 2013. But this week we had our second barbecue. And it was again very tasty. We grilled paprika spiced pork meat for example. This meat was so delicious even without dip. I did eat them with and without dip. We also ordered a salad for each of us. Usually my mother would create the salad but it was pretty late to get cucumbers or tomatoes. We ordered the salad from the Kebab Store where the husband … Continue reading We used the Barbecue Grill again…

We officially started Barbecue Season 2013

My mother called me by phone today and asked if I would like barbecue. I said “Oh yes!” because it would be our first barbecue in 2013. I love barbecue. She said that her husband bought some meat and that she will make salad and that I should visit them for barbecue at 6 pm. I said this is great but had to mention that I have not too much time because I still need to monitor my cat time by time due to the fact that she is still sick because we visited the veterinarian yesterday. My mother said … Continue reading We officially started Barbecue Season 2013

Our Barbecue was fun!

I pretty much love spontaneously Events. Yesterday I got a Phone call and my Mom told me that Relatives from Thuringia arrived in North Germany. The Cousin of my MotherĀ“s Husband made a Visit. She told me that they all are planning on doing a spontaneously Barbecue and asked me if I want to join. Oh yea! Yes! I love Barbecue! My MotherĀ“s Home is not far away from my Home. When I walk, I am in 5 Minutes there. Theirfore I spontaneously went to my Mom. Arivved, I noticed that there was not only Meat for the Barbecue. My … Continue reading Our Barbecue was fun!