Our Barbecue was fun!


I pretty much love spontaneously Events. Yesterday I got a Phone call and my Mom told me that Relatives from Thuringia arrived in North Germany. The Cousin of my Mother´s Husband made a Visit. She told me that they all are planning on doing a spontaneously Barbecue and asked me if I want to join.

Oh yea! Yes! I love Barbecue! My Mother´s Home is not far away from my Home. When I walk, I am in 5 Minutes there. Theirfore I spontaneously went to my Mom.
Arivved, I noticed that there was not only Meat for the Barbecue. My Mom made a Salad with Tomatoes, Onions and Ewe’s Cheese. I love Salad! Furthermore I noticed Baguettes with Herbs and a Sauce with Garlic. There was a lot of tasty looking Stuff on the Table.

We drunk a few Beers and waited for the grilled Meat. Finally we started to eat all the tasty mentioned Stuff and had a nice Talk.


After the Meal and some Beers, they decided to open a Jim Beam Bourbon. We drunk the Jim Beam with Coca Cola. I must admint that I pretty much love Whisky when I go out once in a while. But I prefer Scotch. But I was a Guest and happy about the Evening and the Meat and Drink. I think the Bourbon was ok.
My Mother prefers nonalcoholic Drinks. But we Males defenetly took some Drinks. We laughted much and the whole Afternoon and Evening was pretty much fun. I went home at Midnight.

It was Saturday and now it is Sunday and the Result was indeed some Headache in the Morning but now I am ok. I drunk a lot of Water today and now I feel good again. However… I pretty much enjoyed the Weekend. I like to meet and talk with the Family. For me this is very Important in my Life.

I hope you all had a nice Weekend as well. 🙂

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