A Video of two american Minks in a german Animal Park

We took a Video of these cute and funny little american Minks in a german Animal Park. Looks like they were playing and washing. American Minks are also present in Europe today and not only in Animal Parks. But anyway it was fun to see these little Friends in the Animal Park. I guess they had fun while playing and washing.

Nature and Animals are pretty interesting Topics in my Opinion. By the way.. the Husband of my Mother was talking sometimes in the Background of the Video. I hope you will enjoy the Video anyway. I am pretty happy that we took this Video so that I can show you these cute Animals.

By the way. I did upload the Video under the Name and Description of the Animal called Common Otter or European Otter but someone who is working in an Animal Park was correcting me fortunately. European Otter and american Minks are both from the Family of Martens or Weasel Family. However there seems to be a difference.

He told me that the american Minks are much more agile like you can see in my Video. And Otter are more calm Friends. The Common Otter also called Euroasian Otter can grow 90 – 120 cm while the american Minks does not grow bigger then 30 – 40 cm. Also the European Otter has a wider Face then the american Mink.

I am not an expert on that Area but that all seems to be logic for me and I just can thank the Person who told me a lot about the difference. Theirfore I was able to correct the Video Description and Title.

3 thoughts on “A Video of two american Minks in a german Animal Park

    1. I agree. It was really hard to move along. I think we watched them more then 20 minutes but decided then that we should find the other animals in the park as well 😀 But the minks were definitely a highlight 🙂

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