We officially started Barbecue Season 2013

My mother called me by phone today and asked if I would like barbecue. I said “Oh yes!” because it would be our first barbecue in 2013. I love barbecue. She said that her husband bought some meat and that she will make salad and that I should visit them for barbecue at 6 pm. I said this is great but had to mention that I have not too much time because I still need to monitor my cat time by time due to the fact that she is still sick because we visited the veterinarian yesterday. My mother said that it is ok if I only stay a half hour. I visited them and here are some photos of our first barbecue in 2013…

It was indeed very tasty. The salad of my mother was great. The baguette with the herb butter was tasty as well. The steak sausage too. Have you already had a barbecue in 2013 too?

5 thoughts on “We officially started Barbecue Season 2013

    1. Don´t worry 😀 You are not alone. If I would use the grill then it would be black and tasteless as well. The husband of my mother fortunately did take care about the steak.

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