A Perfect Burger

Today I visited my mother as we wanted to cook something together. We decided to make burgers. We both think that the burgers of the known fast food chains are not very special, they taste a little bit like cardboard or something as drily. But creating our own hamburger? We never did that, it’s simply not that common here. To be honest, I pretty much like the idea of eating burgers, at least if they are freshly made somewhere, but not those you get from the very well-known big fast food chains. So, we though we should try to make … Continue reading A Perfect Burger

Food For Hectic Days

Sometimes it must go fast, for example if there are lots of things on the to do list. Today I thought buying some Burgers would be a nice idea, until the fact crossed my mind, that I still can´t open my mouth correctly to eat the Burgers. It´s annoying, so annoying. I had a hard time to eat them. Apart from that, they don’t taste that good anyway. I am not a big fan of fast food chains anymore, what you get there doesn’t taste that fresh anyway. Continue reading Food For Hectic Days