Tasty Hamburger

I met my mother yesterday because we planned to go shopping, we wanted to get ingredients to make Hamburgers. We planned this some days ago because we wanted to eat with my uncle who likes Hamburgers a lot. Of course we could just purchase them from any fast food store, but preparing them on our own is a lot more tasty. We had a really nice evening, the burgers were pretty delicious. My mother and my uncle, both did eat two of them, but I managed it to eat two and a half burger, but the last half almost killed me (laugh). I did regret it that I forgot my camera, because my 50mm lens is cool for food photography. Anyway, my mother shot two photos with her phone so that I could attach them to this post.

4 thoughts on “Tasty Hamburger

  1. Home made hamburgers are way better than the fast food type which never have enough salad for me. Yours look pretty good. Have you ever tried them with a fried egg and or beetroot on them? In Australia the “hamburger with the lot as made at home or in old style take away shops would be hamburger, cheese, lettuce, tomato, beetroot (from a tin),fried egg and tomato sauce. Some people add pineapple which of course makes it a Hawaiian burger :-).

    1. I think you suggested egg and beetroot already once when I shot other photos of a burger in the past, and I still didn’t try it out… I love eggs, but I am not sure if I would like beetroot on the burger, but you never know, I still should try it out because I like to experience how they eat things somewhere else 🙂 I think pineapple would be a big “no no” for me, because it’s one of the rare things that I really don’t like. If someone asks me what I don’t like to eat, pineapple and fish are the first things that come to my mind 😀 That’s also why I never liked Hawaiian pizza for example.

      Currently it’s difficult to eat with my uncle, because of his brain tumor he has a funny taste with certain ingredients. He dislikes things that he previously liked, and there is not really much that he still likes. That’s where Hamburgers come in handy, we can put everything in bowls and he can pick. Same counts for Kebab 🙂

      We still had difficulties to eat the burgers, because the bread was not perfect (too small and soft) and if you stuff in too much, everything will “explode” on your table 😀 I had to eat my second burger with fork and knife because of that lol.

      1. I probably did suggest it before because I think it is an Australian thing. Before McDonalds came to Australia that’s what we expected to get in a burger. “Maccas” burgers don’t have much in them really. You do need the right kind of bread roll for such a big burger as I described. A big, flat bun seems to work better but even then the ingredients can fall out between plate and mouth. I often have the same trouble with wraps.

        1. Yes, it’s one of the meals that can result in a mess… we laughed when we saw our faces and the plates, but we all agreed it’s worth the mess because way too delicious. Last time we had better buns, this time we tried another store and different buns… the other buns worked better.

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