More Horse Photos For The Blog

As mentioned here, there are not much horse photos on my blog and I really want to change that. It´s some time ago when we found the horses on the photos above anywhere outside of our town. I found the photos in the folders of my hard disk and it´s strange that I didn´t upload them earlier. But then I must admit that it is hard to upload all images I have at once. I can do this time by time. There are some interesting photos such as the horse photos above. They need to have a place on my … Continue reading More Horse Photos For The Blog

Supply For Shyna – A Bad Photo Improved

If you have Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, I highly suggest that you don´t delete any photo just because it looks bad. Often you can really make something out of it. This article here is basically written to make some notes for myself but also for people who are into Photoshop and Lightroom and want to read about possible techniques or who want to get inspired by my workflow. For all others it might not be easy to read. The image above is the result after working on the very bad quality original image that I took of my cat … Continue reading Supply For Shyna – A Bad Photo Improved

The Pink Ladybug

This ladybug did sit on the finger of a friend last summer. And I had to shoot a photo. I recovered the photo in one of my folders today and decided to edit the photo. I didn´t like the original image and added some focal blur and decreased the color saturation in the area while I kept and enhanced the color of the ladybug so that the insect stays in focus. I decided to colorize the ladybug from red to pink so that the image looks somewhat unnatural and funny. The result of the last change is not that good … Continue reading The Pink Ladybug

More Paintings of my Mother

Like mentioned here, my Mom is trying out painting with acrylic Colors and looks like she has fun doing so. Today she finished some new Stuff. Here is it: I like the Painting on the first Photo. I like the red and black color mixed and used. I am not sure about the other Paintings but I really love the first one. But whatever I do think.. the most important Thing is that my Mother has a lot of fun and that she knows how to have a great Time. Continue reading More Paintings of my Mother

Another Photo of a tasty german Dish

I visited my Mother today and I came to the right Time because her Husband did cook. They then asked me if I want to eat something too. I indeed couldn´t say no. 😉 He cooked Potatoes with String Beans, Onions, Mushrooms (Champignons) and Pork Steak. It was pretty tasty, however I missed a Sauce. I prefer eating most Things with Sauce. While I know they and a lot of other People eat the mentioned Dish above without Sauce. I still liked it too. I especially love Mushrooms pretty much! Continue reading Another Photo of a tasty german Dish

Did you know the “Top Posts & Pages” Widget? I never noticed it! Great Widget for Photography Blogs but not only!

I found something in the Dashboard under “Appearance” and then under “Widgets” which might me interesting for those Users who run their own Blog as a Photography Blog or for those who add Images to their own Blogposts very often. But also for those who just publish Text Content without Images. I found this nifty Widget called “Top Posts & Pages”. You can add it to your Sidebar on your Blog and it will basicly show your Top Posts. You can decide how many Top Blogposts or Top Photoposts the Widget should show. I am not sure but … Continue reading Did you know the “Top Posts & Pages” Widget? I never noticed it! Great Widget for Photography Blogs but not only!