Did you know the “Top Posts & Pages” Widget? I never noticed it! Great Widget for Photography Blogs but not only!

I found something in the WordPress.com Dashboard under “Appearance” and then under “Widgets” which might me interesting for those WordPress.com Users who run their own Blog as a Photography Blog or for those who add Images to their own Blogposts very often. But also for those who just publish Text Content without Images.

I found this nifty Widget called “Top Posts & Pages”. You can add it to your Sidebar on your Blog and it will basicly show your Top Posts. You can decide how many Top Blogposts or Top Photoposts the Widget should show. I am not sure but in my Case the maximum was 20 Blogposts in the List. I decided to go with 20.

You can also decide if it should be ordered by “Blogpost Likes” or by “Views”. But if you decide for Views, then it will only show the Top viewed Blogposts of the last 24 – 48 Hours. But that is still cool. But in my Case I decided that the Widget should sort the List by “Most Liked” Blogposts since I can then see which of my Photo Blogposts received the most likes.

Then you can decide about the Appearance of the List. You decide whether it should show it as a “Text List” only, something called “Image Grid” or “Text and Image List”. I thought Text only is pretty boring in case you upload Photos to your Blogposts often. The Image Grid was not really my Taste but that is just my Opinion. But a List with Text Links and Images seems to be pretty cool for a Blog with a lot of Images.

I wonder how I have overlooked this nice Widget for a long Time. It´s really nice if you want to show your Readers your Hot Photos or Blogposts. As I said it will work with Blogposts without Photos too but if you decide for the “Image List” Setting, then it will add your Top Blogposts including the Images you added in each of these Top Blogposts and that sorted (depending how you want it to be sorted as mentioned above) with a Link in the Titles to the Posts! I would say that is a pretty awesome Widget for everyone but especially for all you cool Photography Bloggers out there! So maybe you like that Widget and Idea…

I think most of you know how to find and add these Widgets in the WordPress Dashboard. However, for those who didn´t know about these Widgets or never added some, here is a short Explanation how to add the mentioned Widget.

Go in your Dashboard and open the Appearance Tab in the Menu on the left Side and then click on Widgets in the freshly opened Menu. In the Middle you will now see all the Widgets you could use in the Sidebar on your Blog. Find the “Top Posts & Pages” Widget and drag it over on the right Side to your Primary Sidebar.


On the Primary Sidebar you now can also open the freshly added “Top Posts & Pages” Widget to make further Settings as Mentioned in the beginning of my Blogpost. It´s your Choice but I think my Settings are pretty cool for a Photo Blog. But again… It´s your Choice how you want the Widget to sort and look like. When you changed the Settings of the Widget, dont forget to click on “save”.

Some of you might know the Widget and everything I wrote here already. However I thought it is a Blogpost worth because I didn´t see that Widget on any of the Photography Blogs. Or I at least may not have noticed it anywhere. I didn´t even notice it in the Widget Choice Menu although I looked there often to find interesting Widgets for my Blog. So dont see this Blogpost as a Tutorial only. It´s rather a Suggestion which I will add to my Tutorial Category anyway.

I believe this Widget can enhance your Photography Blogs due to the Fact that your Readers can then find your hottest Photos and Blogposts easily. And these small Thumbnails in the Image List in the Widget might drag further Attention of your Readers to read and watch out for more on your Blog!

It´s really a Question of Taste, but I do like this Widget so much, that I had to add it now on my Blog. You can find it on the Sidebar of my Blog now.

3 thoughts on “Did you know the “Top Posts & Pages” Widget? I never noticed it! Great Widget for Photography Blogs but not only!

  1. No, really – I do like this!
    Just when you think you have sussed out WordPress – you learn something new 🙂

    1. You are right 🙂 I also thought I knew already every widget and option. I found it by accident today. The fun thing is that I requested a similar feature in the wordpress forum some time ago. I didn´t get an answer in the forums at that time. Funny that I helped my self now 🙂

      Also I am happy that I was able to show you something you like too. 🙂

      Best greetings from germany

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