Now It Looks More Like Autumn

Actually I wanted to share the two photos of this post a week ago, but I couldn’t do that because a family member came to the hospital and my attention was there. Talking about the photos, we had a very long summer, it took some time to see falling leaves, but you can now say it starts to look like autumn. I shot the photos over a week ago when I was hiking. Continue reading Now It Looks More Like Autumn

Beautiful Water Drop On A Leaf

My mother shot the image above and I do think that this is a very beautiful scene. I love water drops and they look so great if they are on a leaf. I love how the reflection and transparency of water interacts with a green leaf. I told my mother that this is a stunning image. She shot it with her phone and it still looks so good. What do you think? Here is another image of the same scene… Continue reading Beautiful Water Drop On A Leaf

A Photo That My 12 Years Old Cousin Shot…

On the left site you can see a photo that my little 12 years old cousin did shot. I really like the scene with the leaf that is swimming in the water, carrying a water drop. To find something like this, you really need open eyes. Now that I say this, I really should have asked her if the water drop was already on the leaf or if she did put some water on it. But even if she staged the scene, it would just show creativity and that she has an eye for beauty things. It´s great to see … Continue reading A Photo That My 12 Years Old Cousin Shot…

Leafhoppers on a Rhododendron? I think it´s a Rhododendron or?

I noticed these Leafhoppers on a Plant when I visited my Grandma and Grandpa in the Nature on their Campground in Salem Germany. I am not sure about the Plant. When I remember right, my Grandpa said it is a Rhododendron. What do you think? I am right? Is it a Rhododendron? EDIT: Big thanks goes to Alice… She gave me the Information that the Plant is definitely a Rhododendron. She also did correct me that the Insects are Leavehoppers as I thought they would be called Grasshoppers. Theirfor I was able to correct my Blogpost. I just did stand … Continue reading Leafhoppers on a Rhododendron? I think it´s a Rhododendron or?

A pink Flower for Birthday

This is a pink Flower on my Mothers Balcony. My Uncle came with this Present for my Mother on her Birthday. I told her that I start to upload some of my Photos to the Blog and she said that she can supply me with some beatiful Photos she made as well. This Photo here is a good start. I like the Flower with the Raindrops on the Leaves Lately my Mother is somewhat amazed by taking Photos too. It is to sad that we dont own a high quality Camera but sometimes there are also good Results with these … Continue reading A pink Flower for Birthday