Black And White Cat Photo

Here is yet again a photo of my cat Shyna. The photo was taken when I still was in Reinfeld, we shot the photo on the terrace as I had her on a leash. I edited the photo with Lightroom, I wanted to crop it a bit, I made changed to the tone curve and converted the image to black and white as I was not happy with the overblown highlights. My cat is always photogenic, it’s no rocket science to take pictures of her, because she will like all cats just look good. Continue reading Black And White Cat Photo

Weekly Photo Challenge: Opposites

I thought I participate in the recent WordPress Photo Challenge with the motto Opposites, because my photo of Emmi and Charlie should fit. Both of them are dogs in the family, and I uploaded a very similar photo not a long time ago, it was the same shooting. I would call the photo in this post a snapshot, a term that I usually use for my photos when I just did press the shutter button to see how the photo turns out. But the thing is, with animals, you can just mindless click the shutter button, subjects like dogs or … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Opposites

Bunny With Blue Eyes

Here is one of my older photos, I believe I shot this photo when I practiced after I got my first DSLR camera. The bunny with blue eyes is one of the family pets. It’s the pet of my stepbrother and he did let the bunny play in the garden for some hours. It’s funny how much pets we have in our family, I guess you could also call it the family zoo. The perspective and angle of the photo is strange, but for some reason it makes it look special or different. Continue reading Bunny With Blue Eyes

Cute White Dog

Here is one dog photo that I shot in a forest in Reinfeld. I had a small talk with the dog owner, we talked about the forest and the area, and at the end I asked him if I could take a picture of his dog. While it’s allowed to photograph pets of strangers, it’s sometimes better to ask anyway. Some people start a drama if you take pictures of their dogs, it doesn’t make sense, but that’s how it is in Germany. The owner of this cute white dog however was very friendly and happy that I wanted to … Continue reading Cute White Dog

Emmi And Charlie

Here is a photo of Emmi and Charlie together. I shot the photo yesterday in my mother’s garden. Both of them did pant, because it was a very hot day and as they both ran a lot. We had a big bowl of water for them, and we had to refill the bowl so that they always got fresh water as they were very thirsty.  If you like, you can check out all my other dog photos and dog stories. Continue reading Emmi And Charlie