Beautiful Black Dog

My uncle’s dog Emmi is very beautiful, and she is also very photogenic. Today she enjoyed the weather with us all in the garden, and she could play with Charlie. They both did use the lawn to play, but they also jumped through the plant bed and that was not so good. My mother and her husband planted carrots, potatoes, beans and so much more. The husband of my mother was not so amazed when the dogs jumped through the crops. Continue reading Beautiful Black Dog

A Black Dog Photo

Here is a photo of a dog I met yesterday during my hike.  First I thought the dog would be lonely, but the dog owners were just 30 meters away and followed up. The dog seemed to know the path, and enjoyed to show the owners the way. Also it was funny to see how the dog did carry the stick on his path. You can get some interesting photos with a 300mm lens, because you have enough distance to take photos in all kind of situations without interfering too much. I still like to take photos with my other … Continue reading A Black Dog Photo

Charlie And The Chew Bone

I do always like to take photos of my cat Shyna, but I do also like to take photos of my mother’s dog Charlie. I do generally like to take photos of animals, because it’s fun to freeze the time, to laugh about the facial expressions and so. I shot several photos while her dog was chewing on a small bone, but for now I only wanted to upload this one. Continue reading Charlie And The Chew Bone

Bunny With Blue Eyes

My half-brother is here on a visit and I mentioned it anywhere else, he has all kind of small animals like mice, bunnies and so. This time he didn’t come for a visit without his bunnies. He did let them run in our garden, I thought this would be crazy even if the garden is fenced, but he said he would do that at home in his garden too. However, I had my camera with me and shot all kind of photos. As always I have stored them in my folders and will upload them over time as I prefer … Continue reading Bunny With Blue Eyes

Dear Cat Diary, Here Is Another Entry And Photo

As this blog is not only my own diary but also the diary of a cat, the diary of Shyna to be more clear, there shouldn’t be too much days without a new photo of her. The weather is too bad to get out with the camera, but I can use the time to upload some photos to Shyna’s cat diary. There is something new to tell. She is usually not a cat that brings toys if she wants to play, I rather had to guess what kind of toys she would like to play with, but recently she started … Continue reading Dear Cat Diary, Here Is Another Entry And Photo