In Case You Missed Her, Here Is A Photo

December was the last time I uploaded a photo of my cat Shyna. It’s time for a new one. It’s winter and the lighting conditions are not that good as it is mostly dark and if not that, then at least very cloudy. I prefer to take photos with natural sunlight near the windows because you can get great results on this way even with a cheap camera. But now it’s even near the windows often too dark for great shots. So, this photo is not a new one, it’s rather one of the photos I never uploaded. I edited … Continue reading In Case You Missed Her, Here Is A Photo

Snapshots of Billy in the Car

We were in the garden again yesterday to enjoy the afternoon outdoors. The garden is just five minutes away from the home of my mother and her husband, so that it is not too much stress for their dog in the car. I was on the back seat and paid attention to him. At times I had to laugh because he seemed to enjoy to watch out of the windows and it was funny. I took these snapshots when we were in the car. The image quality is bad which is why I call them snapshots. But I still like … Continue reading Snapshots of Billy in the Car

White Paws And Claws

Above you can see again a photo of Shyna´s paws and her claws. I think I made paws and claws already several times to the subject in my blog. I like the contrast because paws are cute but claws look quite dangerous. I like to collect photos of paws and claws and I also want to use this article here to highlight my old article where I mentioned that I do think that it is cruel to declaw a cat. Continue reading White Paws And Claws