Rook in Black and White

Here is a photo that I thought would be bad too but when converted to black and white, it looked quite interesting. Seeing the flying rook from the side in just black and white reminds me of logos. I mean, the rook from side view would actually work well as a minimized logo element and I bet I’ve seen something similar in logos, either in logos of PC games or logos of movie or game companies. I just don’t know where I’ve seen that, but I am pretty sure I did. Also, I must say I like pictures where you … Continue reading Rook in Black and White

Hungry Rook Bird

Here is a photo of a rook bird. The photo was shot from the inside when I saw the rook bird on the garage roof. Rooks always appeared mysterious to me. We have quite a lot of them in and around our city. Some people say they’re creepy. But I find them very interesting, especially when hundreds or thousands of them fly in formation during bad weather. I don’t know why, but somehow they’re attracted to stormy weather. This is maybe also one of the reasons why people find them creepy. If it gets dark and stormy outside, and you … Continue reading Hungry Rook Bird

Lady Amherst’s Pheasant

I am already at it, here is another bird photo. The bird in the picture is a Lady Amherst’s pheasant (Chrysolophus amherstiae). I found this bird in a larger outdoor birdcage as well during my time in Reinfeld. I shot the photo through the mesh of the cage but this is possible with DSLR lenses, especially with long lenses. On that way I got a nice close-up portrait of this bird but I also cropped the image a bit. Continue reading Lady Amherst’s Pheasant

Diamond Firetail Finches

The two cute birds in the picture above tested my Google skills today. I saw them in a pretty large birdcage in a forest during my time in Reinfeld. In the same cage there were Australian zebra finches according to a sign near the cage. But the birds in the photo of this posts looked different and there was no sign for them, and that made me wonder. But I forgot about that because I didn’t upload the image back then. Anyway, the question came up again today when I started to edit the image. I still have a photo … Continue reading Diamond Firetail Finches

White Duck

Here is a photo of a white duck. I saw it in a local pond and I’ve read that white ducks aren’t common outside. So, it is most likely a breed of domestic duck, probably escaped. The photo was shot at 1/1600 sec, which was fast enough to get the wing flap in the photo. This is a photo where I didn’t feel the need to edit, except that I increased sharpness because I shot RAW. I also cropped quite a bit to get even closer but that was all. Everything else was fine in my opinion. Continue reading White Duck