Grand Master of Kitty Order

I thought it´s time again for a new meme. I was a little bit inspired by Star Wars and the character Master Yoda who said “Secret, shall I tell you? Grand Master of Jedi Order am I. Won this job in a raffle I did, think you?”. I did annoy my cat a little bit with a towel and took a photo. I thought she was looking like a Jedi Master and searched for a nice Star Wars quote, to put it in the image. My original photo was really a crappy shot, so that I didn´t expect much of … Continue reading Grand Master of Kitty Order

Fence Wire On Dark Background

I have edited one of my images with Photoshop and you can see the results above. I tried to take a close-up shot of fence wire. I especially liked the moss on the wire. The only thing I changed with the image is that I did darken the background. I said it before, I like dark backgrounds and I am not really sure why. Maybe because it can create a focus on the subject. Here is the original image that I shot with my digital camera… Continue reading Fence Wire On Dark Background

Black And White Cat, Slightly Monochrome

When I took photos of my cat Shyna, she started to play with the strap of my digital camera. I really had to laugh but at the same time I realized that it would be the chance to get some funny shots. I will upload some of them over time. But I start with the one above. I edited the image with Photoshop and added a monochrome effect. But then there is also the original image… Only sad thing is that it seems that there were hairs on or near the lens. It looks like if there would be two … Continue reading Black And White Cat, Slightly Monochrome

My Cat And A Black Background

I have chosen one of my cat photos and loaded it with Photoshop. I wanted to get rid of the background behind my cat Shyna. I also changed the whole image to black and white because recently Leanne´s Monochrome Madness Challenges and her participants inspired me to experiment. Ok, I must admit that black and white effects have not much of an effect if your subject in the photo is a black and white cat and if you recolored the whole background to black too, but it´s still somewhat interesting. Here I applied a black and white adjustment layer and … Continue reading My Cat And A Black Background

Boredom, A Beach Photo And Photoshop

Above you can see the results of my boredom. I opened one of my beach photos that I didn´t like and tried to make something out of it with Photoshop. I´m not sure about the result but I was at least able to kill my boredom. The photo looks now pretty crazy and maybe it´s overdone but it looks still better compared to the original… The original photo was taken in Travemünde on the Baltic Sea near Lübeck. Continue reading Boredom, A Beach Photo And Photoshop

The Recolored Mini Plate With Potatoes, Beans And Bacon

One thing that I love about Photoshop, is that I can color things with the tool. I really love this activity and I sometimes do this when I am bored. The results are not always perfect but it´s really funny and entertaining and I am not exactly sure why. I think it´s because it´s interesting to see how things appear in different colors and it is also fun to boost or brighten colors. I think that´s what I like about it. Here is one photo I boosted or recolored today… The original photo is this one… I didn´t like the … Continue reading The Recolored Mini Plate With Potatoes, Beans And Bacon