Abandoned Place

I thought I show you a photo again. The photo above was shot in 2015. I found that abandoned structure in L├╝beck and shot several pictures from different sides. Today you can’t find that structure anymore because they dismantled and demolished it to make room for something new I guess. This is the fun part about photography as well, you can take these pictures and you as a photographer and the photos become witness of the past. Since I didn’t like how I framed the image (I was way too close), I edited on a way that it looks more … Continue reading Abandoned Place

Historic District In The Evening

I thought I share a photo with you because lately I was a bit more silent. I played a lot more guitar than doing anything for my blog. Apart from that, real life kept me busy as well. But if you know me, that’s how I always dealt with my blog. Sometimes I am quiet, and other times I am annoying you with tons of posts per days (laugh). So, I went through my photo library and found the picture above. I shot the photo in November 2016 in the evening. I remember that I did pack my camera into … Continue reading Historic District In The Evening

Reinfeld Nature in Black and White

I still have tons of photos of my time in Reinfeld. On the photo you see the large pond they have. It’s not a river, it’s really a pond. Once in a year they literally pull the plug and dry the pond out. No joke, they have small canals and water mills to do it. On that way they catch all the big fishes. That’s quite effective, huh? I’ve seen that with the smaller ponds surrounding it, but I’ve heard they do it with the large one too. I think it often happens in October. Continue reading Reinfeld Nature in Black and White