Somewhere in Timmendorfer Strand

Somewhere in Timmendorf

Here is a photo again that was totally messed up because it was extremely overexposed. The heaven was a white wall but when you shoot in RAW, you can fix the worst issues by adjusting the levels during post-processing. The photo was still dull, and when I say something like this, I usually mean very boring colours. Let’s be honest, if a photo makes you wonder if there is a range of colour at all, you can just go black and white right away. In this case I just saw brown trunks, a brown thatched roof, browns bars, a brown fence, a gray fence, and gray concrete. So, who cares about brown and gray? It can’t be more boring. But as I usually suggest, when you’re into the whole “I want to check out at what point a bad picture pleases me” kind of movement, don’t delete pictures right away.

The fun about photography is not just taking the picture, it’s also not just about editing the best ones, to me it’s also about converting pictures from “Should be deleted” to “I want to upload this”. A lot can be done, and if the colours are really that dull, you can make the picture special by trying different black and white filters or settings. The thing is, when everything looks dull, especial colours, black and white is the way to make it shine, and to make people notice shapes, structures or textures. Always give your images some tries, they have been your moments. Here is how it looked before the editing…

Overexposed image with dull colours

4 thoughts on “Somewhere in Timmendorfer Strand

    1. I am glad you like it 🙂 To me the editing has many meanings. It can mean that I want to show something differently, or that I want to get rid of issues in the image. And there are images that I just don’t want to edit at all because they please me as they came out of the camera. I like the whole thought process that I go through with each image. It’s like with many hobbies, an out-time, moments you can enjoy 🙂

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