Does Merkel Know The Difference Between Meaningful Critique And Hate Speech?

This is not a news, Facebook has been criticized by German politicians for not censoring Facebook comments, or for not giving the right tools to censor comments on the own fan pages at Facebook. Currently all known German politicians battle with the ever-increasing amount of negative comments on their pages, and while it’s true, you can find hate speech, the majority of the comments are not hateful but written by people with justified worries and question. When Merkel talked with Zuckerberg, she probably didn’t ask for better moderation tools on Facebook pages to be able to delete the hate speech … Continue reading Does Merkel Know The Difference Between Meaningful Critique And Hate Speech?

A Few Small Blog Changes

Back then when I started my blog, I had no idea why I did so, I also had no idea how far I would go. It’s out of question today, I like blogging pretty much. But sometimes you need to take a look if you still like how you did set your blog up. I made some minor changes now. I had sub menus below the header. That made the menu look crowded. I removed the sub menus and do now only show links to the main categories of the blog. I had quite a lot of internal links in … Continue reading A Few Small Blog Changes

Discussing The Therapy End

I mentioned already that I was in a therapy since the end of 2014. It’s a therapy for depression and anxiety disorder. I suffered from depression and anxiety disorder but the problems waned over the years as I have read a lot about it and as I developed strategies to reduce the interval of my panic attacks. However, I contacted a therapist anyway last year as I mentioned, reason was that the problems can still randomly appear at times. Also I do often suffer from extreme sleep problems but they come and go in phases as all the other symptoms. … Continue reading Discussing The Therapy End

When You Have Nothing Better To Do Than Trying To Hear Doors

Yes, you did read the headline right, this post will be about door sounds, it’s that funny. I live in an apartment complex and that is something that makes me seriously believe that we humans are “individual animals” rather than “group animals”. Because I would much prefer to live alone without sharing a staircase with neighbors. I get along with most of my neighbors but sometimes there are new ones that don’t fit into the place, that is the problem with an apartment complex. It seems we have one or two neighbors that do regularly give the other tenants advise … Continue reading When You Have Nothing Better To Do Than Trying To Hear Doors

Chill Out On The Couch Near The Fish Tank

Above you can see my smaller fish tank when this thing was still ok. Back then, me and my cat enjoyed to chill out on the couch near the fish tank in the evening because the lights of the fish tank were really relaxing. We both enjoyed it. Overtime I got some trouble with the fish tank. I tested all water parameters regularly as I am very well-known about fish tanks and couldn’t find any issue, but still some fishes died each week so that I had not any left after some months. I think there was some kind of … Continue reading Chill Out On The Couch Near The Fish Tank

Fighting Depression And Anxiety Relapse

I don’t write often about it, not because I wouldn’t like to, rather because the whole issue was not a too big problem anymore, at least when I compare it with the past. The problem was that I suffered from depression and social anxiety years ago. I really got out of this mess, but sometimes things can bounce back for a while. I want to write about this today. I want to fight over the last bastion, that means, I don’t want to feel healthy most of the time, I want to feel healthy all the time. When there are … Continue reading Fighting Depression And Anxiety Relapse