African Sacred Ibis In Germany

Above you can see a photo of a bird that I found during my hike through the Schellbruch Area in Lübeck. I saw five of them and some other hikers asked me if I would know what kind of bird it would be, when they saw me with my camera. And to be honest, I had absolutely no idea, and even at home the bird gave me headache because it was super hard to research the bird name, but I do now know what kind of bird it is. The problem however was that this is not a native bird … Continue reading African Sacred Ibis In Germany

Schellbruch Undergrowth

Here is one photo that I shot last year when I hiked through the Schellbruch. The photo is not very special, but I liked the vegetation or the undergrowth there. You can find some parts of the area there where the vegetation doesn’t look typical German, that makes it interesting. Since I am still too busy for longer hikes, I was not there this year, but I plan to do this again. If you like, check out my previous nature photos. Continue reading Schellbruch Undergrowth

Schellbruch Nature Photo

The photo in this post was taken last year during one of my hikes to the Schellbruch in Lübeck. It’s a great place, and I want to hike there again the coming summer. As you might have noticed, or as I have mentioned a few times, I try to upload some of my older photos at times, the ones that I never uploaded to my blog. As mentioned, it’s easier to click on the shutter button of a camera, than uploading the results to a blog, that means I have over 5000 images that I didn’t upload yet. Not all … Continue reading Schellbruch Nature Photo


The photo above is my entry to the recent photo challenge. I thought I could use one of my bird photos for the theme “gathering”, although I shot the photo by the end of summer. Some photo challenges do remind me to go through the photos which I didn’t upload yet. You can see cormorants in the photo, I found them when I walked through the Schellbruch preserve area outside of our city. I really like cormorants, they are very interesting birds. Continue reading Gathering

Schellbruch In Grayscale

I didn’t like how the image above turned out, because the photo looked very bleached and I changed it to grayscale to make it look better. The image had so much whites and it was even hard to fix it with Lightroom. Sometimes, when images are too white, with too much reflections or if the image is somewhat overexposed or if it looks too bleached, changing it to grayscale or black and white might be an option. I think the result is acceptable anyhow. I shot the photo at the Schellbruch, I haven’t uploaded all the images from there yet. Continue reading Schellbruch In Grayscale