Going Barefoot Due To A Flood

We had several rainy weeks now and the weather was absolutely not perfect to get out with the camera. Today the weather was better and I spontaneously decided to take a bus to get out of the city. I mentioned the place Schellbruch already a few times on my blog, it’s a nature reserve north-east of Lübeck. and that’s where I wanted to hike again today since the weather was ok. When I arrived and when I started to hike along the path near the Trave River, I noticed that the path was flooded. I took of my shoes and socks and walked through the flood for at least one kilometer, together with another photographer I met on the way. I liked it, the water was not cold, and I remembered that a friend once said that it’s good to walk barefoot for a while, good because it’s massage for your feet nerves. So much about the two photos in this post, but now let me talk a bit more about the nature reserve…

I like the place, and I’d say it’s a secret place because I am always surprised how many people in my city never heard about the place, but then I remind myself that people who love to hike in the nature are the minority anyway. Good for me, and other people who like to enjoy the nature around our city. The Schellbruch Area is perfect because it’s literally a bird paradise, an important resting area for migratory birds, and a place you need to know if you live in my city and if you want to try your luck with bird photography. I still don’t have the perfect lenses for the area, because you can only hike along the paths, and they fenced certain areas in, especially those where thousands of birds rest. This is ok to me, because the birds shouldn’t be disturbed by people.

My 300mm lens is not enough, but still it’s the area where you can have luck and a bird comes close to you. Even if I’d prefer something like a 600mm lens for the area, there is no reason to not go there with a smaller focal length lens. I like the place for many reasons, mainly because I can find less common birds there, and apart from that you can see thousands of birds there, while you just find single birds in the city. It’s one of my favorite places around my city, and I go there several times a year, especially since I started with photography, but not only this, it’s also a great place to relax a bit since it’s so beautiful there. Further, it’s the place around my city where I can meet other nature photographers, and I had some interesting chats there. I met a macro photographer there today for example, he searched for insects and flowers  on the wayside. We both walked barefoot through the high tide, while chatting about photography.

This is what makes it interesting, in the nature you find people who have something in common with you, whether it is the photography hobby or the enjoyment of nature. I experienced that people I meet in the nature are less stressed, more relaxed and definitely more talkative. But enough for now, I just wanted to talk a bit about my day, and as always when I go hike, I definitely shot tons of new photos that I can use for my blog in the future!


3 thoughts on “Going Barefoot Due To A Flood

  1. Walking barefoot is very good for you. It helps strengthen your feet muscles, if you walk on uneven surfaces, and it is also considered grounding, or earthing. If you don’t know, earthing is said to be very healthy because when you don’t touch the earth, your body builds up a positive electrical charge.

    1. A friend of mine was on cure vacation for six weeks last year…. he worked so hard for this company that they paid a six week stay in a cure wellness hotel in bavaria. So, one day when I was hiking, I had him on the phone and while we talked about this and that, I told him on a side note that I was a bit annoyed by the bumpy trail I was hiking on right now, and then he said “Don’t worry, I just learned in this weeks wellness program that this is pretty good for your wellbeing”. He told me that they did run up the hills in Bavaria barefoot, and in the hotel they had special boxes filled with stones where they could over too… I remember he said it has something to do with muscle relexaxion, nerves and signals send to the brain. While I didn’t understand the rocket science behind it, it sounded so good that I wanted to believe it. 🙂 Not sure if it’s imagination, but since then I always felt relaxed when I had to go barefoot, or not barefoot but about a bumpy path… including today when I walked barefoot through the flooded path. I felt relaxed after it, so, I guess there is something about it, wether it is what you said, or the physiotherapy-like stuff they taught my friend in the wellness program 🙂

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