Cormorant take off?

During my hike through the Schellbruch I shot several photos of birds. It’s said that there are over 200 different species, that means it was not very difficult to see a few of them. I am not a bird expert, that means I had to research about several birds in my photos. The following series of pictures maybe shows any kind of cormorant, that’s at least the conclusion of me and several people I showed the photos. What do you think? I am pretty much sure it is a cormorant, but I am not sure what kind of cormorant. According … Continue reading Cormorant take off?

Flying Greylag Goose

I found this flying greylag goose (Anser anser) during my walk through the Schellbruch reserve. The goose flew by far away and that was not really a perfect situation for my 18-105mm kit lens. So, I had to crop the images heavily and I also had to bump up the noise reduction in Lightroom to remove pixels and noise, sadly for the cost of sharpness. Anyway, you can get some interesting results with a kit lens and I still would not suggest to skip the kit lens when you purchase a DSLR camera, because for me as a beginner it … Continue reading Flying Greylag Goose

14 Miles Hike For Photography, Discovering The Schellbruch

We have a natural reserve outside of L├╝beck that is called Schellbruch. There are brakish water lagoons, bodies of freshwater, forest areas, mires and meadows. The trave river flows there to the east in the direction of the not too far away baltic sea. A beautiful place! Not only the geological variety makes the area special, there is also biological variety. There are many rare plants and it’s a paradise for birds. There are over 200 different bird species counted and it’s said that 90 have already bred. It explains why it’s worthy of protection. The Schellbruch is a protected … Continue reading 14 Miles Hike For Photography, Discovering The Schellbruch