Family Kids And The Guitar

When we visited grandma on her birthday in September, there were also some kids of our family. My grandpa has one of my guitars in his rooms as my 12 years old cousin wants to learn guitar. I gave her my guitar to learn. My grandpa was guitarist and singer in a local band years ago and I do play guitar since two decades too. This means she gets support of us. I mention it just as a side line. But on the birthday of grandma, I went with one of the other kids of the family in the room … Continue reading Family Kids And The Guitar

Daily Prompt: Make Me Smile

The Daily Prompt asks: “If you’re feeling blah, what is the one thing you do that you can count on to put a smile on your face?” and I do think this is fairly easy to answer. If I meet my family, they can put a smile on my face very easy. Same counts for my friends… we can either rant together about any problems or we laugh about the problems to have a smile. Then, my cat makes me smile often too because she knows when I feel bad and then she comes to me. But playing guitar is … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Make Me Smile