Family Kids And The Guitar

Playing guitar for one of the family kidsWhen we visited grandma on her birthday in September, there were also some kids of our family. My grandpa has one of my guitars in his rooms as my 12 years old cousin wants to learn guitar. I gave her my guitar to learn. My grandpa was guitarist and singer in a local band years ago and I do play guitar since two decades too. This means she gets support of us. I mention it just as a side line.

But on the birthday of grandma, I went with one of the other kids of the family in the room where the guitar is. She is two years old and I’d say it is one of my cousins too but that is probably not correct. I always find it complicated to find the right terms for the family relations. She is basically the daughter of my mother’s cousin and I think it is the best way to explain how she is related to me. She’s very cute and funny.

She’s also very curious and as all kids that are so young she likes to observe her surroundings and all the people of the family. So, we thought we keep her a little bit busy and I grabbed the acoustic guitar and played on it for her. I don’t know, I think there is a huge difference between playing something on the guitar because friends asked you to do so or playing guitar for a kid. It’s both fun but seeing a kid smile and listening to the guitar, this is so much more pleasant because if you see a kid smile, there is no way you couldn’t smile as well.

I couldn’t stop play the guitar, because if I did, she didn’t smile anymore and she showed her opinion with her impulsively moving arms and legs. Everyone present in the room started to laugh and I had to go on with more melodies. She especially loved to listen to “All my little ducklings” that I by the way never learned to play but that you don’t really need to learn if you have experience with the guitar. I spontaneously started to play it and she recognized the melody and I was rewarded with her smiling. She also seems to like blues music. I think she is already a little music expert and knows what good music is!

Grandpa played guitar for me too when I was very little and I think it was one of the reasons why I wanted to learn it too. Seeing my 12 years old cousin starting to learn guitar and seeing another 2 years old kid listening and smiling when she hears guitar, that is truly pleasant.

The photo is two months old as I can’t always publish things timely because other things keep me busy too. Found the photo and got inspired to tell you what happened in that situation. I hope you liked it.

5 thoughts on “Family Kids And The Guitar

  1. Sounds like the family tradition of guitar playing may continue when this little one is older. Extended family confuses me too. I can never remember the difference between second or third cousins and first cousins once or twice removed. She’s family that’s all that matters.

    1. She even wanted to pull the guitar strings and I did let her do but I had to be careful as her hands are tiny and because she really pulled a lot on the strings and she don’t know yet that she can hurt her little hands when a guitar string swings back 😀 Of course I also didn’t want to buy new guitar strings for my 12 years old cousin 😀 But it shows that she was curious where the sound comes from and she realized that the guitar strings are one of the reasons for the sound. Grandpa said I did the same back then, so yes, it might happen that she wants to learn it some time 🙂

      Yes, to explain family relations in a few words, that is not easy. I can’t memorize the right terms as well. As I talked about two kids of the family I had to think about it how I can make clear that I talk about two kids of the family in one post 😀

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