Beautiful Street in The Historic District of Lübeck

Anywhere in the inner-city of Lübeck

I shot the image above in one of the streets of the historic district of Lübeck. This district is basically the core of the city, the inner-city but I mentioned this often. There are some very beautiful streets. There are for example a lot of beautiful small alleys with cobble streets and plants growing up the houses as you can see on the photo. The architecture there is very interesting.

In other streets you find a lot of cultural and old Brick Gothic buildings. But today, the urban image is a mix of old architecture and architecture with modern influence or modernized appearance. The cultural buildings are of course maintained on the way that only the structure is kept intact but the city doesn’t change the appearance. The residential houses like the ones on the photo and malls can indeed look more modern as this is up to the owner, unless the structure is heritage-protected. But in general it still has some old charm. We really have some beautiful streets here.


6 thoughts on “Beautiful Street in The Historic District of Lübeck

    1. The inner district is most interesting but the outer areas are not special. But the historic district is not far away from my district so that I often like to walk through there. Also the places near the river are very interesting. The city has definitely some beautiful areas but also a lot of boring areas. But I think all cities have interesting and boring sides.

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