Visiting The Christmas Market In Our City

After having our probably last barbecue of this year, we decided to visit the Christmas market of L├╝beck yesterday in the evening. Our christmas market is very beautiful but it’s sad that I can’t show that very well, because it was already dark and it is not easy to get good photos with a smartphone with these light conditions. But we took some photos anyway, it’s just that they are not in good quality. Here is a small gallery of the market and the nearby streets… The market is quite big and it fits nicely to our city because of … Continue reading Visiting The Christmas Market In Our City

My Birthday Cakes 2014

Yesterday was my birthday and I became 33 years old. How time flies! I wouldn’t say that I am now in a midlife crisis but it definitely makes me thoughtful anyway. However, the better thinking is that we should be happy about each year of our life. I celebrated this with my family yesterday and I should go on with a tradition of my blog, I should post my birthday cakes as I did it last year too. This year we had less cakes on the table as we did celebrate in a smaller circle as some family members were … Continue reading My Birthday Cakes 2014