Visiting The Christmas Market In Our City

Christmas market sign of Luebeck

After having our probably last barbecue of this year, we decided to visit the Christmas market of Lübeck yesterday in the evening. Our christmas market is very beautiful but it’s sad that I can’t show that very well, because it was already dark and it is not easy to get good photos with a smartphone with these light conditions. But we took some photos anyway, it’s just that they are not in good quality. Here is a small gallery of the market and the nearby streets…

The market is quite big and it fits nicely to our city because of our old architecture. The whole atmosphere is really good and there are different sections such as the christmas market, the medieval market and a fairy tale market for kids and so on. On a weekend it’s very crowded there. It’s always fun but we realized we should go there in the week when there are fewer people. It’s just that you don’t get through there to visit all stores when it’s so full of people on the weekend. But as every year it was interesting anyway.

Tasty but expansive mushroom dish

I can’t count it all up but there are many small stores for different meals, for christmas sweets and goodies, and of course many small stores for christmas gadgets. There are hundreds of small shops and there are even artists showing and selling their paintings and so on. I simply can’t name it all because there are really a lot of shops. Of course you can also get christmas drinks, there is even a huge area for stores that sell you a hot punch, or Glühwein as we call it.

I enjoyed the medieval area. As I often mentioned here, our city Lübeck has a long history and that is the reason why we also have a special medieval area on the christmas market. It’s really fun there because you can buy traditional things like medieval phials from alchemists. We also saw tanners, a stonecutter where you could learn to work with stone, and different other medieval themed shops. When you walk there, you really get this medieval feeling and the air smacked of medieval too, because there was this smell of barbecue, beverages, leather products, polished stone and burnt iron in the air. It’s really good atmosphere. There was also this funny music band playing medieval music…

I really liked the medieval section the most but me and my mother agreed when her husband said that it is too crowded. He said something like “They do permanently stomp on my feet, is this normal?” and my mother replied “Yes, yes?!” in the video and I thought this is funny but he was right, it was way too crowded. You can’t stand there for too long because many people want to go through there and you constantly had to make place for them. Other than that it was really interesting but after two hours we had enough of the christmas market. It’s beautiful but also a stressful place on the weekend. Anyway, we enjoyed our time there. Hope you enjoyed our impressions too. I sadly couldn’t take photos of everything and the quality is not very good. Hope you enjoyed the post anyway.

10 thoughts on “Visiting The Christmas Market In Our City

  1. It does look like fairyland and I’d love to see it myself. I don’t care for crowds much though. Still it would be a shame to miss such a spectacular sight and all those interesting stalls.

    1. Yes, fairyland describes it well. And in all the stalls they had so many delicious things that it is really hard to decide what to buy and what to eat. The smell in the air is tempting 🙂

      I wish I would have shot more photos of the different stalls but there was a lot of pushing and shoving. Next year I should already have the semi-pro camera I save for but diving into photography I must probably learn to be more cheeky in situations with crowds, to get all the good shots 🙂

      1. Yes I am not that far away from my savings goal. I could buy the camera in January but I still wait for a friend to pay back his debts to have something in the backhand. I had to help him, which is not bad, because this is important to me. But that means it really depends and I prefer to play it safe. I gave him time until March because I know he had some trouble and I wish he can sort this out carefully without stress. But he said already that he will get back to me before March. However it works out, it means any of the early months of 2015 I will be quite busy to learn using this new camera. 🙂

      2. Also there is still something that annoys me. The Nikon D7100 is on my wishlist but this camera has no tilt screen. The cheaper Nikon D5000 series has this screen but the other features are not what I am looking for. Then there are rumors that Nikon will release the D7200 in 2015 and it might cost the same amount like the D7100 just that there are rumors that the new model might have a tilt screen. That is another reason why I am very patient. This tilt screen is especially great for flower photography because you don’t have to crawl over the ground for those or similar photos 🙂 I like that.

  2. That looks absolutely beautiful. We have a German market in Birmingham at the moment, but it’s nowhere near as picturesque (and they charge a fortune for a nice bockwurst!)

    1. Haha, expansive Bockwurst… This is not much different here. But I am not sure if it’s because of the same reason. In our case it has to do with local politics. The city does offer spots on the market and on the inner city streets but years ago they increased the costs for the rent. Of course, this did force the tenants to increase prices for the things they sell, otherwise it wouldn’t be profitable for them anymore. It’s a shame because the end-consumer has to pay more now due to this reform. A lot of people say that it is now too expansive and they just go take a look but don’t buy much on these events.

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