Every winter or before Christmas I buy a bag of Mutzen sometimes, and they are tasty small biscuits. I am not a great cook and I can’t give you an exact recipe but as far as I know they are made of flour, eggs and sugar. The pastry is put into hot oil and the result are those cute and tasty looking pastry balls. Mutzen are a Rhenish recipe as I have read, and it was a traditional biscuit for carnival and new year’s eve. But that just seems to be the history of it, but today you will probably … Continue reading Mutzen

Beautiful Big Wheel

Here is another shot that I tried out yesterday. I saw the big wheel in one of the Christmas market areas and thought this would make a great photo. I didn’t want to have the Christmas market stands on the picture or any people, that means I looked for a good angle. I basically just wanted to have the dark sky and the colourful big wheel on the photo. I think I achieved that, and I like the angle. I shot the photo handheld at 1/30 second, f/4.8 and ISO 1600. Continue reading Beautiful Big Wheel

King Thrushbeard

As mentioned in my previous post, I visited the inner-district of Lübeck today. Mainly because our Christmas market opened this week, and I thought I could find some cool photo subjects because there are so many Christmas stands. They have one area that we call the ‘Märchenwald’, literally translated it means ‘Fairytale forest’. They set this area up every year when the Christmas market starts again. They basically show off scenes with figures of traditional fairytales. It’s an area that both, adults and kids enjoy equally. Fun fact, the ‘Märchenwald’ exists as long as I can think, that means my … Continue reading King Thrushbeard

Visiting The Christmas Market In Our City

After having our probably last barbecue of this year, we decided to visit the Christmas market of Lübeck yesterday in the evening. Our christmas market is very beautiful but it’s sad that I can’t show that very well, because it was already dark and it is not easy to get good photos with a smartphone with these light conditions. But we took some photos anyway, it’s just that they are not in good quality. Here is a small gallery of the market and the nearby streets… The market is quite big and it fits nicely to our city because of … Continue reading Visiting The Christmas Market In Our City

A Big Wheel in December 2012 on the Christmas Fair in Lübeck

I still have some photos from 2012 which I didn´t upload because December was a busy time. Therefor I do upload a few over the next days. Here is a photo of a big Wheel on a christmas Fair in Lübeck. The quality is not the best because my Mom did send the photo via WhatsApp. But I like the lights and colours of the big wheel on the photo. Continue reading A Big Wheel in December 2012 on the Christmas Fair in Lübeck

I am not sure if you know these nom noms…

Christmas time is not far away and there are already many Christmas Fairs opened in Germany. It´s the Time when I visit the Christmas Fair to get these nom noms on the Photo above. We call them “Mutzen” in Germany but there is Icing Suggar missing on the Photo. People eat it usually with the white Icing Suggar but I dont like to much suggar. I prefer it without suggar. I am not sure if these “Mutzen” are a german local speciality. Here in Germany they are just very famous. I am not sure… Maybe you have them in your … Continue reading I am not sure if you know these nom noms…