King Thrushbeard


As mentioned in my previous post, I visited the inner-district of Lübeck today. Mainly because our Christmas market opened this week, and I thought I could find some cool photo subjects because there are so many Christmas stands. They have one area that we call the ‘Märchenwald’, literally translated it means ‘Fairytale forest’. They set this area up every year when the Christmas market starts again. They basically show off scenes with figures of traditional fairytales. It’s an area that both, adults and kids enjoy equally.

Fun fact, the ‘Märchenwald’ exists as long as I can think, that means my mother walked with me through this area too when I was a very little kid. But it’s actually a much older tradition, it started in the year 1960, basically 21 years before I was born. There is an official website about it, the Märchenwald website, but since the text content is only in German, their photo gallery might be more interesting to you and shows what it is about.

Enough said, I shot some photos of the figures there today, but my King Thrushbeard portrait did stand out the most in my library. Mainly because the background looks very clean and King Thrushbeard stands out well. For the other fairytale figures, it was not that easy to get a clean and separated background, because there is a lot going on in the background of the other scenes. I could imagine that one of my readers and friends might like the photo, right Vanda? 🙂

6 thoughts on “King Thrushbeard

  1. You could say it is a doll if it can be played with but many dolls are collectors items and never played with. To me figure is something that does not have moving parts but then a store mannequin has moveable parts. Is it a doll? Boys play with action figures, they look a lot like dolls to me. I might have to write a post about this one day.

    1. Good points. We refer to action figures too in Germany if we mean the toys of the boys. Same for wood carved art figures, and it seems this is the case at the fairytale fare.

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