I am not sure if you know these nom noms…


Christmas time is not far away and there are already many Christmas Fairs opened in Germany. It´s the Time when I visit the Christmas Fair to get these nom noms on the Photo above. We call them “Mutzen” in Germany but there is Icing Suggar missing on the Photo. People eat it usually with the white Icing Suggar but I dont like to much suggar. I prefer it without suggar.

I am not sure if these “Mutzen” are a german local speciality. Here in Germany they are just very famous. I am not sure… Maybe you have them in your Country too? It´s basicly a Pastry which comes in a Pot with very hot Cooking Fat but I sadly cant tell you a Recipe due to the fact that I am rather a Customer on the Christmas Fair and not really a Cook 😀

But I can tell you the “Mutzen” are pretty tasty and one of the Reasons why I do like Winter and the Weeks before Christmas starts. About the Flavor.. they are basicly soft Balls.. not a hard Baggage. People eat them warm and they are very soft in the Mouth. It´s just tasty.

2 thoughts on “I am not sure if you know these nom noms…

    1. Yes they are delicious. 🙂 They are often sold on the markets here. Mostly at christmas time but possible to find them at other times too but you have to search then. I have been in berlin several times. I hope you get the chance to visit your grandma someday and visiting germany then. 🙂

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