My Birthday Cakes 2014

Yesterday was my birthday and I became 33 years old. How time flies! I wouldn’t say that I am now in a midlife crisis but it definitely makes me thoughtful anyway. However, the better thinking is that we should be happy about each year of our life. I celebrated this with my family yesterday and I should go on with a tradition of my blog, I should post my birthday cakes as I did it last year too. This year we had less cakes on the table as we did celebrate in a smaller circle as some family members were tied up with business matters, but they congratulated by phone. This year I did celebrate with my mother, her husband, my grandma and my grandpa. Here are the two cakes we had…

Cheese cake! Whenever I celebrate my own birthday, there must be cheese cake! I love cheese cake so much, you can’t even imagine how much I like this one. It’s a cake that we had to defrost, not a self-made cake but that one is on the table each year again as I love it. My aunt was not there this year, so that we didn’t have any self-made cakes. But the cakes I show you are very tasty too. As said, this particular cheese cake is even one of my favorite cakes…

Cheese Cake

We also had lemon cake on the table. That was grandma’s idea and that was a good cake too. Very delicious! If you put whipped cream on it, it will be even more tasty. While I am a great fan of cheese cake, I couldn’t withstand and had to eat a lemon cake as well.

Lemon Cake

There were some pieces left that I did put in the fridge. I did eat the other pieces today. I really enjoyed my birthday with my family together.


15 thoughts on “My Birthday Cakes 2014

    1. Thank you Diana. I would definitely try your mom’s cheese cake out. I love all kind of cheese cakes and I bet your mom’s cheese cake must be super good! 🙂

  1. Happy birthday for yesterday Dennis. I think you are a bit young for a midlife crisis too but yes, birthdays can make you thoughtful. I tend to take a look at my life when I have a birthday that ends in zero, 30, 40, 50. I’m glad you had a nice day with your closest family and enjoyed some cake. I like cheesecake too.

    1. Thank you. That’s true.. I think most people look back every ten steps. My mom said that to me too.
      The day was really good, I enjoy it to meet the family and to have some talk with delicious cakes, but who doesn’t? 🙂

      1. There will be aways new cat photos and sometimes even cat stories in general 🙂 My blog is a hub where I put all my thoughts in and also write about things that are in my interest. This is the cat topic but apart from that also technology related articles, stories about games and so on. My blog is broader but not only about cat topics 🙂 It’s basically something like my diary and there will be different subjects. But there are millions of photos of my cat and there will always come new ones 🙂

      2. This is a cheese cake from the shops and was already finished as said. But my aunt can make a cheese cake too and she could probably write a recipe. Not sure when I talk with her again but I could ask for a recipe and if I get one, I can publish it. But no promises, I am not sure if I get her to write a recipe or when I talk with her again.

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