Photography.. and how it can encourage us to thinking and learning.

Inspired by Katie´s Camera Blog and you should defenetly take a look there if you like to see beautiful and professional Photos, I got the idea to browse my private Photo Archive. I noticed even if I am not a good Photograph and even if I just used a cheap Camera in the past, there are some Photos I could use to tell a Story or just show them off. Which means I would sometimes have an additional Reason to create a Blogpost.

Since I am blogging in english it could maybe be interesting for some People because I noticed that I have made some Photos of my City, nearby Nature, Animals and some other stuff. So as I live in Germany, the difference of Culture could maybe be interesting for you. And the City where I live called Lübeck offers a lot to tell. Although many who live here forget about that Fact. But I guess this is usual as your own City is something you see everyday. Look Katie… I think I found another Reason right now, what seems to be so special about Photography.. After browsing in my private Photo Archive I started to think and realize more about the Place where I live. Isn´t this funny? Maybe we should do it much more often and not only if we watch Photos.

I do not want to say that I never realized where I am from and yea if so that would be crazy. I always did but looks like one Photo in my Archive of Lübeck´s Architecture did put me up to investigate about the History of this Building with Google. So, we see many things around us everyday but looks like we just dont get profound thoughts about what we see often.

Really… If you grown up in Lübeck you learn a lot about your Hometown and they start to teach you very early in School. But you just can´t know everything and they never could teach you everything. Lübeck is just full of History and those who live here forget often about it as they are familiar with the basics you should know as a born Resident of Lübeck or because there is simply to much to learn apart from the basics. It´s maybe the same with your Hometown and the People who live there, right?

Since Lübeck is founded round about Anno 748 under the Name “Liubice” (The Sweet) and later Anno 1143 under the modified Name “Lübeck” newly founded at todays City Location, you now see there is a long History. The remains from this Period makes it interesting if you find them. Make little Photo Storys out of it could be an additional Concept here in my Blog. But I cant tell you if I would make a good Job out of it. But maybe I will try some day 🙂

Back to the Topic I wanted to say that I started thinking about many things after browsing my own Photos and I realized a lot of stuff. Looks like Photography is just more then make these Photos. It is something special and you can explore a lot of thougths nevermind which kind of Photo as long it is interesting for you.

So as I found some Animals, Architecture, Nature and other Miscellaneous Photos, I think I will put them up from time to time. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Photography.. and how it can encourage us to thinking and learning.

    1. Hello Tara and thanks for your comment 🙂
      Good to know that there is interest. I sorted already some interesting Photos out so that I can start soon.

      As I said I am rather an amateur with a simple and cheap digitalcamera but anyway the city here is interesting so that there is at least something to tell 🙂 Oh and the architecture is beatiful 🙂

      Thanks and greetings from Germany

  1. Thanks for your wonderful comment on my blog/photography, Dennis! I truly appreciate it. And I’d love to see some of your work. I love history, so your home sounds wonderful. Please do share! It’s arm chair traveling for me. 🙂 Great post!

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