No Problem. We can still repair this.

German Soccer TV Moderators are usualy bored but when the italian Player Mario Balotelli did hit the german Goal, our Moderator said “No Problem. We can still repair this.” This Sentence came so dry that I had to laugh. But for a german it is not so funny and anyway Mario Balotelli came to make the next Goal.

It´s Halftime. Germany had more Chances then Italy but Italy seems to be more effective. Can we still repair this? Well the next 45 Minutes start soon and it will be not easy. Everything looks like Italy goes to the Finals of Euro 2012, which means they fight agains Spain for the Cup.

But one Moment.. this is the Theory and maybe Germany can still repair this. I need to laugh again.

Last halftime is starting and I go back watching Soccer and tell you about the end result later.

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