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Maybe a Red Fire Shrimp which isn´t red… I dont know.


This is a Photo of a Shrimp in my Fish Tank. I bought round about 14 Red Fire Shrimps some time ago and they all were red in color. This Shrimp seems to be the Brood and I wonder why some aren´t red. I think they either become red soon or the Offspring is going back to their natural look. I did read that these Shrimps are overbred and their red color isn´t natural. It´s overbred.

Anyway this Shrimp is nice looking. I like the Pattern. If you take a Photo from close Distance, then they are looking more interesting as you can find some nice Details. This one here is a pretty young and little Shrimps so that you wouldn´t see it like on the Photo if you just would use your Eye´s. You either need a Magnifier or a Zoom to notice the Patterns of Colors on their Body. It´s a Baby Shrimp´s.  I just can say it again and again… Nature is so beatiful, nevermind if we talk about Plants or Animals. Nature is Art.


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