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Windows 8 release on 26th October but I dont care about this OS which is looking like a Phone App.

Alt and Tab found out that Microsoft wants to release Windows 8 on 26th October. I never was so much uninteressted in a new and upcoming Windows Release. Tastes differ. Tastes and Feelings are subjective. But if you ask me, I defenetly will sticking with Windows 7. The whole new Desktop Design of Windows 8 is in my subjective Opinion pretty ugly.

You can say I am not a big fan of this new Trend “Everything has to look like a Mobile Phone App”. Indeed I am also not a big fan of Changes. But what pissing me most off from Windows 8 is the Fact that Microsoft is so conceited as they think “People will love it!” and theirfore didn´t even add the posibility of letting People choose if they want to activate the classical Windows Look and Feel. All what I did hear is that it will not be possible anymore to setup your Windows 8 Desktop to a classical Look. What I know so far is that they will force us to use the new Design. But not with me. I stick with Windows 7. If this new Windows 8 Design is the Future of every upcoming Windows Release in the Future, then they will lose one Customer until they change their Design Direction. I never felt so much careless about a Microsoft Product like today. I could even imagine to switch to any Linux OS if this is the Future Design of every upcoming Microsoft OS.

I dont see Usability coming to us with the new Design. It looks rather like a pedestrian Mobile App but not like an Operating System. Again I can say that feelings are subjective but my feeling is that Windows 8 looks extremely childish. This is the Answer I would give, if someone would ask me about Windows 8.


  1. Windows 8 is not my taste either, seems like Microsoft is striking a balance between the desktop market and the mobile world, and now the desktop OS has to make significant changes to suit the tablet/phone market (which is a sad thing). Nonetheless I have high expectations for the coming Microsoft Surface tablet running Windows 8, it sounds promising enough (not that I need one, but I do desire owning one).

    • Agree. I think its a great design for the tablet and phone market. I am used to similar OS designs for phone and tablet. It´s a great design if you just need to touch the big symbols with your finger on your phone.

      But it goes to far if similar designs come to the desktop computer OS. Maybe its because I really love to work on a desktop pc how it is. And yea.. I dislike changes anyhow. While I think those designs are great for tablets and phones.

      The Microsoft Surface Tablet is indeed interesting. But I wish they would make a clear difference in those systems and dont transforming a desktop pc OS into a tablet OS. 😀

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