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Month: September 2012

A nosy Donkey on a Field

In my earlier Blogposts I mentioned that we found some Animals on a Field anywhere near Lübeck. Here are some more Photos. This time I show you a nosy and […]

A Zebra.. nosy as we were…

We found that cute Zebra outside of Lübeck near a Village on a Field. The Zebra seemed to be nosy as we were. We assumed that the Animals on the […]

A Goat on a Field

We found this Goat on a Field outside of our Hometown in a Village. We noticed many more Animals so that I took some more Photos but as always I […]

An ugly Street in my Hometown

This is an ugly Street in my Hometown Lübeck. Anyhow I did shoot directly in the Direction of the Sun and this is not good. But well… this is Stuff […]