We will visit the Family in Thuringia at the beginning of the next Month

So in round about two Weeks we will visit the other half of the Family in Thuringia. I told you already that Thuringia is a fine Spot with a lot of Nature. I will for sure make Tons of new Photos so that I can show them off here on the Blog.

I feel already a Thrill of Anticipation as I do like to come out of my Town. It will be on the first Weekend of October and I think it will be fun but it is sadly just one Day. We drive to Thuringia in the morning and drive back Home in the Evening.
But I think there is enough Time to walk through the Thuringia Forest and so to take new Photos. I wish we would stay there for two or three Days but this is not possible on the mentioned Weekend. The Jorney might get a little bit stressful but the Nature there will reward us even if we just stay for a few Hours.

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