Sometimes Kitty is Seriously Tired…

Sometimes Kitty is Seriously Tired

The photo above was a snapshot of my cat Shyna. And it´s the result of a boring morning. I just found the image in my folders and thought to edit it a bit. The original file was not in a good quality so that I decided to give it a black and white look with Photoshop. Did you know that some bad images can look really good in black and white? You should try that out. It´s a method I use often to get something out of an image with bad quality.

Then I did experiment with different headlines and found some cool symbols onboard of photoshop. The kitty paw, the arrow and the speaker symbol did basically inspired me to choose the text “Sometimes, Kitty is Seriously Tired… That´s what you Believe”. I choosed the headline as there is some truth. Sometimes, it looks like your cat is sleeping but that´s just what we think. But in fact and even if it looks like they are sleeping, the truth is they can hear everything around them. And for sure they sometimes take a look!

If you have a cat too, then you might have noticed this often too, huh? It´s called catnap and they do doze. But indeed they can also sleep deep. Here are some facts about cat sleep, if you are interested.

Back to the image, I just can say that I am somewhat fascinated by creating memes since some time now. I have already uploaded a small bunch of memes on my blog. As a cat owner I do mostly create lolcat images and my own cat is the model. I am not sure if my images are funny but it´s a fun way to kill boredom. Really.

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