Played with Photoshop… My Cat Has Now Blue Eyes


Sometimes boredom is not too bad. Sometimes it will make you do thinks you didn´t for a long time. In my case it made me play with Photoshop today. I was looking for photos on my computer and found a few not so good photos and wanted to test out what I can do with them in Photoshop. Above you can see a photo of my cat Shyna but I heavily edited the image. So yes, you can say it is a fake image. Much changes of the original image.

I did add much contrast. I am not sure why but I love to play with contrast. Adding contrast makes darker colours stand more out. I love it and do it pretty often. But I also play a lot with some other tools of Photoshop lately. I like to create many layers where I can play with the paint tool. Basically I improve colours by painting over different areas. Later I do change the transparency of the layers or let me say the transparency of my coloration. You can for example boost the black colours if you just paint in black on it on a newly created layer where you can change the transparency value later on. You can darken areas with black or you could even brighten areas with white. depending on the colour you use and where you paint, depending on the transparency value and layer mode you use, you can do some crazy stuff with it. It can appeal very synthetically later on but I like it anyhow.

Same goes for the eyes. To be honest… my cat has green eyes and not blue ones. But I love to try different things on photos. In the photo above I wanted to try out blue eyes. This works basically the same…. you create a new layer so that the main image will be untouched and then you paint over the eyes with a colour, for example blue like in my image. Then you can again play with the layer modes and layer transparency. I love to use the colour layer mode for coloration but in some cases the multiply or any of the lighten modes work well too. It depends what you want to do. I often simply try them all out to see how they work. It´s fun. After colouring the eyes I also created a new layer to repaint the pupils in black.

Sometimes it is also fun to play with different filters. In the image above I blended the main image with a copy of the image where I added a cutout effect from the filter gallery. Put I gave the filter layer much transparency. It makes the image look slightly like painted. The good thing in Photoshop is that you can try a lot of things out if you use layers or copies of layers as you can´t destroy anything on this way. I still could go back and forth, hide layers or delete them if you dislike your changes. Layers are the most important feature of Photoshop in my opinion. It´s great for learning by doing.

I also love to create different versions of my photos. Sometimes it is even hard to decide which one is better. I am rather a person who is trying things out. I am not an expert. I just play with Photoshop. Here are two different versions I created…

Even if you take photos with your smartphone… with Photoshop you can create some cool images if they aren´t already. I mean the new cameras of smartphones are not too bad. Also it must be mentioned that you never should delete any image before you tried what is possible with it. Some bad images can be improved with easy changes like adding contrast. Others can be fixed with some more work. It depends on the image and what you want to do. I wanted to let my cat image appeal pretty synthetically. FInally I show you the original image….


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