Battlefield 4 Second Assault DLC Maps and Capture the Flag Mode

Older gamers maybe still can remember… The game mode CTF (Capture the Flag) was standard of many first person shooters in the past. But last decades the capture the flag mode disappeared from the picture or let me say at least that it was not a common game type anymore in every FPS game. Yes, some of the last Call of Duty titles featured this game mode but can you remind that it was in any Battlefield game of the series?

Capture the flag was really a common multiplayer game mode long ago. I have seen it in Quake, Unreal Tournament or Call of Duty United Offensive and this type of game mode was a hell of fun. The last time I played CTF in a modern game was Word of Warcraft´s in the Warsong Battleground and I loved it like in those days, but WoW is not really an FPS game but the mode did fit to the game pretty well anyway.

But let´s talk about Battlefield 4 with the Second Assault DLC now. If you loved to play capture the flag in the past, then you will be happy to hear that this game mode will be featured in Second Assault. I was really happy when I heard it.

Coming to the maps… Second Assault will come with four overhauled maps from BF3 and BF2. The popular maps Operation Metro, Operation Firestorm and Caspian Border from Battlefield 3 and the Battlefield 2 map Gulf of Oman which was already overhauled for BF3 will be playable with the DLC.

There is still not officially mentioned when the DLC will come out for the Battlefield 4 PC version. Some say that it could come out anytime in December. But let´s see.

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