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EA´s BF4 PC Infrastructure Currently under Attacks with Impact on the Online Gameplay.

Players who log in to the Battlelog of Battlefield 4, can currently see this small notice on top of the website:

NOTICE: We are currently experiencing attacks on our infrastructure that is impacting online gameplay on BF4 PC. We are working on mitigating actions

Many players of BF4 PC experience a lot of new bugs and issues after latest BF4 update. Battlefield 4 makes headlines with all the issues since the release day and the bad stories won´t end.

It seems that EA´s infrastructure is now under DDoS attack, according to the note on the Battlelog website. They state that this attack cause problems for the online gameplay experience. Some players start to expect that the message might be a face-saver strategy as the latest patch brought in even more problems to the game. Some say that the note in the Battlelog is that kind of face-saver to minimize the embarrassment for the companies latest questionable updates for the BF4 game. But it must be said that this should be seen as an assumption of some players, as there is no proof.

It´s not a good time for EA and the message that their online infastructure is under attack, will probably even lead to more bad press. No lucky times for EA and DICE but indeed also not for the BF4 community as the game is still unplayable.

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