Battlefield 4 Update 9 with less crashes and better netcode?

DICE has just released another Battlefield 4 update. They state that they have once again eliminated some problems that caused crashes. They also mention that they optimized the netcode. There was a problem where many people have been killed behind walls and so. They say that they have eliminated this kind of network sync bug and they mean that Update 9 will improve the network smoothing functionality as well.

Here are the provisional patch notes of Update 9:

1)Reduce the number of crashes
We believe this update will solve a large portion of the most commonly occurring game crashes, and the improvement in overall stability should make a big difference for many players.

2) Eliminate a network sync bug
If you’ve been experiencing situations in multiplayer where it appears that you are taking damage from enemies through walls, you might have been the victim of a network sync bug. In this game update, we have identified and eliminated one such bug that caused this type of gameplay experience. We are continuing to work on more multiplayer optimizations concerning network performance.

3) Improve Network Smoothing
We have made some improvements to the ”Network Smoothing” functionality that you can find in the OPTIONS>GAMEPLAY menu. The Network Smoothing slider governs a group of settings that aim to produce a tighter multiplayer experience based on your specific packet loss situation.

If you’ve been experimenting with the Network Smoothing slider earlier, it might now yield better results. If you haven’t tried it before, please explore this setting and set it to the lowest value you can without experiencing graphical glitches in the game. By setting it lower, you can get a tighter multiplayer experience, depending on your specific network situation.

More details upcoming
Besides the above mentioned focus areas, this PC game update contains a number of other fixes and tweaks that we will detail once it’s live.

As you can see they will tell us more details of other fixes soon. Update 10 is already out too but there are no details mentioned yet and they mention an update 11 as well which seems to be the upcoming Server Update R10. You can keep up with the patch news on the official forum.

It looks like they working hard to fix the mess and this is not too bad but I am not sure if the players will forget this kind of “charged beta”. I did not test Battlefield 4 with the new update but I am pretty interested if the fixes really work. I will test it with my friends next hours. What is you experience?

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